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    My new Album (CD)“Ay B Sì” is a collection of songs that mean a lot to me.
    Recording and Producing the Record at Robert Lang Studio is something I have done for many other artists and bands but this was the first time for me. The Amazing Friends helped me create the treatment and feel that I was looking for with this record. These Musicians and Vocalists gave me so much and helped me to keep the focus on the tunes.
    I am a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and I have produced and co-produced many NW Artists. I have Produced, Production Managed, Stage Managed, Run Monitors, FOH, participated in many events as staff and as a volunteer in the Seattle Area for many years. I was CEO and co-owner and of Northern Stars Studio, Ltd. Rehearsal - Recording - Production for many years.
    After Years of Recording and Live performance Production Management, I am performing again.
    In 2007, I released my CD “Apparitions”, however; and right afterwards I was injured and it took me a while to recover.
    Now with The Band of Amazing Friends, I have released a new CD “Ay B Si`”
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Step Off 04:00
Marijuana 05:19
You Know Me 03:45
Talk to Me 03:24
Mercedez 04:30
Goodbye Cya 03:10


Neal Storme and the Band of Amazing Friends 'Ay B Si' (Independent/USA Import)
Out of Washington comes Neal Storme, a very talented musician, who is the son of the legendary Tammy Wynette and he has been in the music business for quite a few decades now. However, he has mainly been active as a producer and manager of all kinds of events throughout the USA, but also was a street musician for many years, so therefore it took some time before he would actually release something on his own. Now he released a full length album, with the help of a whole list of guest musiciains and I must say it is a very impressive records. Completely in the all-American heartland rock/aor style of the classic 1970s / early 1980s, with bluesy licks, soulful vocals and AOR choruses, sounding like Benny Mardones meets John Melllencamp meets Michael Stanley Band, with strong raw vocal work a la Bruce Springsteen (also musically of course, because Bruce is after all the king of this genre!). Here and there I can also comparisons to Warren Hayes, but most of the 13 songs go directly in the classic heartland rock style. The best songs are the uptempo rockers Hand Me Down World, You Are Not Alone (AORish), Draw the Line (Heartland Rock, Bruce Springsteen meets Michael Stanley, with a lovely guitar solo), Everybody Knows (nice Leonard Cohen cover) and Papa don't think he'll make it (strong lyrics!). Definitely a big surprise, this album and highly recommended to fans of mentioned heartland rockacts! More info at:http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/nealstormeandthebandofam


released February 27, 2016

Musicians Neal Storme Vocals/Guitar
Gregory Blanke Guitar/Sax/Flute/Harmonica
Randy Hansen Guitar on “Draw the Line”
Lari Peterson Guitar on “Step Off”
Rolf Larson. B-3 Organ/Piano/Synth
Steve Haeck Piano
Jimmy Marsh Bass - Step Off, Hand Me Down World, There She Was
Deanna Kenison Bass- Talk to Me, Poppa don’t think he’ll make it
Tracy Arrington Bass- Pieces ofthe Rain, Draw the Line, Goodbye
G. Valmont Thomas Bass- Mercedez(Vocal), Marijuana, You Know Me, Everybody Knows, You Are Not Alone,
Tor Dietrichson Congas, -Mercedez, Marijuana,Draw the Line, Tablas- Draw The Line
Max Campbell Drums (the Mighty Max), Timbales

Back Vocals Pamela Suzanne Burdwell, Caroline Schimke, Nora Michaels, Gregory Blanke, G. Valmont Thomas, Rolf Larson,
Vocal Choir Angela Petrovic Betty Marshall Caroline Schimke
Cyrene Probart Deanna Kenison Helen Burn Jon Stone Jim Burdwell
Pamela Suzanne Burdwell Jonathan Meyer Kelley Kenison
Linda Lee Max Campbell Nora Hempseed Michaels Shannon Dodge
Zack Dodge Steve Haeck Shelley Dawn Early Jennifer Zamecnik

Studios Vagrant Studio Robert Lang Studios www.robertlangstudios.com
Engineers Lari Peterson, Neal Storme,
Homero Glez S (ProTools Monster)
Tape Op Eric Forrey- Vagrant Studio
Producer Neal Storme,
Assistant to the Producer Caroline Schimke
Exec. Producers Neal Storme LLC
Thanks Charles Bork for the loan of the RCA BKII Microphone
Danny O’Keefe, Caroline Schimke, Don “Dodger” Dodge(RIP), Mary Dodge, Bob Lang, Marlie Pesek, Homero Glez Jackie at Fat Ducks, Alison Grable, Angela Petrovic , Susie Hallahan, Stevie B. Hallahan (RIP), Dr. Jesse Kelsinski Kelsa, Jasey Schnaars Tom Lane, CT, VAB
Photography Gary Smith/ Glenn Brookman/ Caroline Schimke
Graphics & Cover Alexander Sapoznick /Spencer Gordon

nealstorme.com Reverbnation/NealStorme Neal Storme LLC ©Streetsongzzz 2015




Neal Storme Seattle, Washington

I am a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and I have produced and co-produced many NW Artists. I have Produced, Production Managed, Stage Managed, Run Monitors, FOH, participated in many events as staff and as a volunteer in the Seattle Area for many years. , I am performing again.
My CD “Apparitions”,
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